Dev Journal #1 - Yet Another Fitness App?!?


I know. It’s been overdone and we probably don’t need another app to log our exercises. But hear me out. Exercise tracking and I go way back. Few years ago, I built a physical tracker named Iron Will that counts the number of repetitions on certain exercises using Bluetooth and 9-DOF sensors.

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My goal was to completely automate tracking of weight lifting. However, the project came to a halt when I couldn’t find a simple way to programmatically read the changing of weights in barbells, cables and dumbbells. 🤦‍♂️

This time, I want to create a social media app for calisthenics. I’ve seen many calisthenics apps that create workout routines, provide virtual coaching and track personal progress. But I haven’t seen that many that provides social platforms to connect with other calisthenics athletes like I have seen in the bodybuilding community or running community. Because calisthenics is not a mainstream sport, it’s already hard to find others who also likes calisthenics. So I thought it might be worth a try to create an app specifically for calisthenics to help you discover other calisthenics athletes around you, and allow you to compete and train with them.

The key features will include:

  1. User profile highlighting their milestones in calisthenics skills
  2. Log exercises and track progress
  3. Connect with other users
  4. Optional location based logging (in hopes of discovering other calisthenics athletes near you)

This app will not support:

  1. Guided exercises or coaching
  2. Calorie tracking

Having said that, nothing is set in stone. At the end of the day, this is just another side project. And we all know what that means. 🙈

What is your favourite fitness app and why does it suck?

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